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Factors that add to cost of hair transplant in Amritsar

On an average basis cost of hair transplant in Amritsar is 30-50rs per graft which is multiplied with the total number of transplanted graft for calculating total cost of hair surgery treatment.

It is no doubt simple surgical procedure in which hair follicles are harvested on bald areas after extraction of them from the donor part but for the calculation of cost of treatment many factors are considered.

1.       Major factor that is considered while determining the cost is the requirement of patient for grafts. As in most of the clinics cost is determined per graft as total cost is multiple of total count of grafts and per graft cost.

2.       Sometime patients has less bald
areas and in single session they can get their expected results but  in few cases patients may need for the multiple sessions so it also affect the cost of treatment as multiple sessions may cost higher to patient.

3.       Baldness in men is divided according to Norwood scaling so depending upon the level of scaling cost may vary.

4.       Being a surgical procedure for restoring hair Operation Theater charges are also added in the total cost.

5.       If the patient required a room then room charges are also make the cost higher as per the policies of hospitals or private clinic.

6.       Each center has its own policy for the charges and they have their own minimum fixed cost for per graft so choice of center can also add to the cost of hair treatment.

7.       In India centers try to give best facilities and services to the patients to retain them and even some offer glittery look of premises to appeal the patients so the difference of facilities and charges can add up the cost and even may decrease it.

8.       FUT and FUE are main two methods for implanting hair follicles for permanent basis so choice of either method for surgery can make difference to cost as FUT method is less expensive as compared to advanced method FUE.

9.       Some centers also charge consultation fee from the patients which is necessary for the diagnosis of the problem so it may also increase the cost. But ask for free consultation in Satyam Hair Transplant Center.

10.   Experience of surgeon can also add to charges for treatment as sometime experienced surgeons may have the higher charges for surgery.

11.   Last but not the least variable for the cost is medication charges and even charges for the pre and post care can also vary center to center so this also adds to the cost of surgical treatment.

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